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Welcome to the home of STABL for Windows.
Our Mission
To provide affordable geotechnical design software and internet-based computation solutions to the
geotechnical engineering industry that are easy and pleasant to use, that are based on technically sound
methods and that will become the industry standard.
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STABL for Windows
version 3.0 Released!

STABL for Windows 3.0 was
released. Buyers of version 2.2
that qualify will soon be receiving
information on how to get their
free copy of version 3.0

Learn more about STABL for
Windows PLUS here.
    Upcoming Courses

    Due to heavy demand, we
    will start offering training
    courses on STABL for

    The courses will be based
    on questions accumulated
    by customer support over
    the years and will explain
    how to properly model
    some of the more complex
    geometries and water
    conditions  using STABL.

    It will cover how the
    program generates slip
    surfaces, and how to
    choose appropriate
    parameters to create
    realistic families of slip

    More details about  the
    courses can be found
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